Super Bowl VS Black Boys

Super Bowl Sunday, many of us will gather and fellowship around this event and celebrate the men that play “the game.”

But as you celebrate “the game” take a moment and support a Black Male Achievement organization, considering it is black history month. This is a time where we should not only reflect on those who have paved the way for black people but to support those who are continuing the mission to fight injustice and inequality.

The NFL is comprised of 65 - 70% black players. Black males in the high tech and STEM workforce are less than 5%.


 Retired NFL Player Santana Moss Supports Black Boys in Tech
 Retired NFL Player Supports Black Boys in Tech

The NFL has 1,696 jobs as players and the median NFL Player Salary is $860,000, that’s an awesome opportunity but for the average black man it’s virtually impossible to get one of these jobs.

It’s predicted by 2030 that there will be 1,000,000 unfilled high tech and STEM jobs. The salary range for these opportunities range from $65,000 for entry-level positions to well over $150,000 with experience, but yet many of our black boys are pursuing to get one of the 1,696 NFL jobs. This is not logical.

But because black men make up less than 5% of the high tech workforce we are invisible and black boys don’t get the opportunity to see us. You can’t achieve what you cannot see and envision.

Mission Fulfilled 2030 is going to change this narrative and our mission and vision are quite simple: Inspire, Educate & Active 100,000 black boys in digital high tech and STEM over the next 10 years. With your support we will:


  • Impact 100,000 Black Boys in tech
  • Connect 10,000 Black Male mentors in tech
  • Engage 1,000 Companies to hire and develop black talent

Doing this will not only impact the income/wealth gap but has the potential to produce $10 Billion of incremental income to black communities by 2030.

Therefore as you prepare to watch the Super Bowl take a minute and click this link: Impact the Future of Black Boys and make a donation to Mission Fulfilled 2030 in support of disadvantaged black boys.

The NFL doesn’t need your support but we do. Use the following link to donate and share: Mission Fulfilled 2030

Donate to Mission Fulfilled 2030