Free Intro to Computer Science Program

In response to the COVID-19 Virus. Mission Fulfilled 2030 went into action and partnered with the Tech School for Black Boys to launch a FREE Online Intro to Computer Science Program

We recognize that many school districts around the country were not prepared for this pandemic. But this is why our organization exists to fill the gaps in educational needs in the tech space for our members.

Super Bowl Sunday, many of us will gather and fellowship around this event and celebrate the men that play “the game.”

But as you celebrate “the game” take a moment and support a Black Male Achievement organization, considering it is black history month. This is a time where we should not only reflect on those who have paved the way for black people but to support those who are continuing the mission to fight injustice and inequality.

The NFL is comprised of 65 - 70% black players. Black males in the high tech and STEM workforce are less than 5%.